Services Application Management

Provides employees with a personal doorway to a centralized hub of corporate knowledge, bringing comprehensive access to Internet and Intranet information, as well as online HR services. Portal content and applications can be customized to meet current and evolving needs..

employee directory

An online employee directory application provides a reliable centralized source of information ranging from organizational structure, skills, services and administrative. Making this type of information easy to access increases inter-employee communication and reduces multiple system maintenance. The user-updateable fields offer another level of employee self-management, while other fields can be extracted from other databases to ensure a centralized view.


What if your employees actually read and understood all your internal communications? You can make this happen by Web-enabling your processes for delivering employee communications. The main components of our Web-enabled employee communications solutions include:

  • CEO & Employee Newsletters
    Communicates relevant company news and important information in a compelling manner and includes functionality that allows for online opinion polling and feedback. The digital format of newsletters increases employee interest and readerships; eliminates production, printing and distribution costs; and communicates company news in a branded format.
  • Team Vision
    A video newscast anchored by employee volunteers that is delivered to each employee’s desktop via e-mail. Newscasts frequently drive employees to the employee portal seeking updates, and boost morale by giving employees a chance to shine in front of the entire company.

Some of the key benefits to our communication solutions include::

  • Cultivates a direct relationship between senior executives and employees
  • Demonstrates senior executive awareness and involvement in high profile issues
  • Provides a platform for highly visible recognition of key employee and team contributions
  • Reinforce corporate strategy, values and brand
  • Communicate priorities and corporate directives
  • Inspire employees
  • Effective employee collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Content and applications can be personalized to meet current and evolving needs
  • Targeted and timely communications for important bulletins
  • Digital format increases employee interest and readership in many organizational cultures
  • Eliminate production, printing and distribution costs
  • Communicate company news in a branded format